So…. I have this idea.

The forthcoming book, Sing Me Home, is due out in July. At the conclusion of the previous novels, I have included an “Author Interview.” And a fellow writer has already read the book and interviewed me about it. However, doing the interview made me wonder what kinds of questions my readers would ask if they got the chance to interview me. I love my readers and care very much about what they think. So, here’s the idea. I would like to hear your questions. Since you cannot read the book yet as it is unpublished, ask me questions about its topics instead: faith and family. Send me your questions about

~ the writing process

~ any of my other works

~ questions you may have about me personally

~ Anything else!

Not only will I make every effort to answer every question but we will choose some to publish as a special Reader’s Interview segment in the forthcoming book, Sing Me Home. Plus, if your question is chosen to be part of the interview, you will receive a complimentary copy of the novel when it is released!

Conversation is the foundation to healing and the passageway to understanding. Without it, simple misunderstandings can break hearts. True conversation is a gift because it gives and receives, thus extending mutual respect to all parties of the conversation. Let’s have a conversation!

Which of my blog posts has intrigued you the most, and why? What kinds of questions did it provoke? Send me those!

Which of my past characters has affected you the most and why? What would you like to know about that character? Ask me!

Whatever question you have, nothing is out of bounds. My life is pretty much an open book and I’m not afraid of answering questions about anything that matters.

So… below is the synopsis of the new book. Read and think about its topics. Check out the some of the excerpts (such as this one, or this one, or this one or one of the many others) from the other books and think about those. Whatever comes to mind, send me a question either in the comments below, via e-mail or FaceBook. I will try to answer your questions and I will post a listing of the readers whose questions are selected to be a part of the Readers’ Interview — and winners of the free copies!!

To help you think of some, here is the synopsis from the forth coming novel (the one in which YOUR questions could be published and answered!). Enjoy!

Sing Me Home

Orphaned by a tragic act of violence, young Aria is shuffled amongst relatives before finding herself struggling to survive in a horrifyingly abusive home. The only source of comfort is music and the memory of her mother singing. When one terrifying act robs her of the ability to sing, Aria embarks on a quest for a new life. Along the way, she’ll encounter a joyful homeless man, a cowboy who works for free an others who will teach her what faith, family and song are really all about. Highlighting the Christian faith, the parables of Jesus are used to guide Aria from being a belligerent child to a thoughtful and mature adult. It is a coming of age story that asks what it will take for one girl to let go of a past riddled with abuse and tragedy in order to embrace a future of hope and promise.

What thoughts do you have?