Once upon a time, a little blue-eyed, blonde haired girl was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Her formulative years were spent traveling across the United States and Canada with her family; she and her younger sister would often aruge about who got to sit in the front seat of the car! As a child, Tiffini was complacent, obedient, observant—and a budding writer! She doesn’t even remember writing “Sweet Shelby,” her first story but by age 9 was reading her stories out loud to classmates during circle time. 


By the time she would graduate high school, Tiffini had written over 100 short stoies and novels, covering topics like the Holocaust and the Orphan Train. All of her books at that time were hand-written; the longest was 2,243 pages!

When she wasn’t writing, she nourished a passionate love of country music, horses that could run fast, God, soaking in everything she could about the Holocaust, volunteering with children, cooking, psychology and education.


When she was 23, she had her first child, a little blonde haired, blue eyed princess named Breathe. The birth of her daughter inspired Tiffini to come forward with painful and haunting truths regarding the sexual abuse she’d endured as a child. She channeled all of her hurt and confusion into writing and devoting every minute to her daughter. By the time her second daughter, a beautiful auburn-haired, blue-eyed princess named Alight was born, healing was well underway and she knew with certainy that her calling in life was motherhood.

Today, Tiffini is a motivational speaker and author of eleven published books, most of which deal with abuse in some format. She uses her own traumatic past as a bridge to helping others realize they are not alone and that God will hold their hand just as He held hers. She is a mother who delights in immersing herself in a wonderland of imaginative games like Elephant in the Jungle, Picasso Days and tea parties. She is a volunteer who works with children in church and in schools. She is a chocolate-lover and could play in a creek bed all day. She is an insomniac who writes late at night while consuming plenty of Dr. Peppers! She is a dreamer, an optimist and a storyteller who believes the best stories are the ones we create with our families.

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