The older I get, the more I love animals.  Especially deer.  I have had a soft spot for deer ever since I can remember.   Not only are they absolutely beautiful, but they are gentle and graceful creatures too.  They’re always alert,  which reminds me of myself.  They are cautious and quick to react nervously.   Pure beauty.

Yesterday, I took the girls to one of our favorite parks.   As we entered the dock area,  we saw a family of deer grazing near the parking lot.  I parked the car right where it was, and we climbed quietly out.   I was convinced they were going to dart away, but they didn’t.  In fact, the girls and I were able to get almost within touching distance of the deer. We sat in the grass and watched.   As we did, a feeling of awe and beauty fell over my heart.   I could have watched these deer all day long.    We shared the same space with them for at least fifteen minutes, while they ate.   They never ran.  When they tired of eating, they slowly walked across the road and into the forest.   I could write an entire blog on the deer,  and on the wonderful feelings they inspired yesterday in me, but sometimes a picture says everything better.







After watching the deer, the girls and I walked along the unpaved trails and rested awhile near the water’s edge.   It’s amazing to me how you can be doing very little while still accomplishing so much.


I read a sign once that said:   “Some people are so poor that all they have is money.”   Visiting Long Hunter with the girls and watching the deer and exploring the beauty of the water reminded me that it takes very little to enjoy happiness.  Time spent with those you love,  and in maintaining the child-like wonder for all that is freely given to us, is worth more than the greatest treasure any amount of money can buy.