Honeysuckle fragranced bath soap makes a calming, wonderful thing even better

I first have to tell you, I feel rather ridiculous about this letter to you.  Mainly, of course, because it is so overdue: I promise, I don’t normally wait long to express gratitude, or love.  I usually jump blindly in and worry about being the fool later.  Yet, with you, dear Garden Tub, it’s taken me over almost two long years to tell you how much I really … love, yes, love…you.  I also feel silly because I’m quite sure that the few people who read and don’t already think I’m a total fruitcake undoubtedly will after this love letter.  But, lo and behold, tonight, during our bi-weekly time together, I realized I just have to tell you how wonderful you are.
I don’t know if it’s how easy it is to stretch out in you, or your steaming hot water that’s usually just shy of blistering my skin, but there’s just that something special about you that makes me override feelings of guilt to spend time with you.  Certainly, the way the candle flames dance against your porcelain frame helps.  And I’m sure the way the bubbles just swirl around contributes to your hypnotizing powers.  Leaning my head back, closing my eyes and inhaling the candle fragrances, listening to the water rushing from the faucet and over my toes totally relaxes me way faster than anything else, ever. You really make my life happier.
I know we argue often. My guilt tells me I’m lingering, that a 20 minute, unnecessary soak in an over-sized tub’s bubble bath is a complete waste of time.  But then you have your come backs too—you’ll tell me that five minutes more won’t hurt, that I really must learn to relax or I won’t be able to teach the girls to take care of themselves.  And you’re just so warm and soothing.  Sometimes the guilt wins, and I get out in ten minutes; other times, you’re stronger and I hesitate, linger for twenty.  Either way, I really must thank you because, dear Garden Tub, I always feel prettier and shinier after stepping out of the water.
You want to talk about how often we meet.  You’re not happy with the bi-weekly date schedule; I feel you glaring at me when I step into the separate shower.  Don’t think I’m neglecting or forgetting you.  It’s just that I don’t feel right soaking in a luxurious bubble bath very often. I’m trying to re-condition my brain, teach myself that it’s ok to indulge myself every now and again, but I haven’t really accepted that idea yet. I still believe I must constantly be busy, that quiet time is not allowed.  Or is it just that it’s uncomfortable?  Anyway, right now, once every two weeks is the most I can allow myself.  Besides, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and I wouldn’t want to risk that.  Think of it this way: at least, on this schedule, I appreciate you very much because we only have limited dates.
Anyway..  There isn’t much in my life at the moment that makes me feel pretty and feminine. Being a strong grown-up takes a toll on self-esteem and beauty.  You, however, with your honeysuckle-scented waters and candle-lit room always make me feel special and refreshes, ready to face another day, and… Well… Pretty.  So thank you, Garden Tub.  I promise not to miss our date in two weeks and, until then, just know that I’ll think of you and that the calming, soothing, warm refuge you provide matters in my life.