I wish I was a window.

Preferably, a bay window.

Have you seen one lately?

The very concave design of a bay window seems to welcome me—they always look to me like arms being held open, inviting me to come in for a warm hug. They also encourage me to take a time-out from the world;  they invite me to stop moving and start reflecting.  Stepping inside one makes me feel like I’ve come to a close friend,  that time has slowed.  I sit in the embrace of one, but I’m looking out on the world as it currently is, not as it appears in my memories. This hints at optimism, at hope, at a future.  If you’re outside, then, from a window, you’re allowed to view the inside. Windows allow light into structures that would otherwise be limited to unnatural sources of illumination.  How many women have stood at their kitchen sink, looking out the window, daydreaming?   How many have stood at one, and looked to see their children playing safely in the backyard?  Windows provide heat. And all of that is if you’re on the inside.  From the outside, windows allow you to look in.  The sight of a window inspires me to think about the lives within that house.  At Christmastime, when I drive past houses, I always look to see if I can spot a Christmas tree against one of the windows.  Through the panes of a window glass, I can see myself—or my loved ones. I am encouraged to break and rest.

Windows are beautiful.

If I weren’t a window, then I’d wish to be a vase of flowers.

Have you held one lately?

Flowers are colorful:  yellow, red, white, pink—even purple! My favorite is the pink rose.  Flowers smell wonderful.  When holding one up to my nose, I always close my eyes so I can focus on just the scent of the flower. They do not all smell the same, but they all make me smile. Flowers’ petals are delicate, easily crushed or torn. But, if properly cared for, the flower will bloom—that is to say, the flower will slowly unravel, a bit at a time, making me hold my breath in anticipation…. Then, suddenly, it’s there: perfect in its beauty! Flowers are feminine, but they can withstand the wind.  They are also essential in nature.   Many flowers bloom in the Spring,  the sight of large numbers of flowers inspire hope of a new chapter in life.  It’s very difficult to see a flower and not stop to stare at it.  It’s hard not to pick one up, and feel how soft the petals are.  Soft;  a touch reminding me to be gentle.  I think it’s not only their beauty, but also their softness that provides comfort when given in times of duress.   I wish I were a flower.

Flowers are beautiful.

If I weren’t a window, and I weren’t a flower, then I wish I was …