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An excerpt from the book Ash, which is about the Holocaust.  This excerpt details the deportation of the protagonist and her mother.

I’ve spent the better part of 20 years researching the Holocaust, and also gathering inspiration from the stories that can be found from one of the most horrific periods in our history.  Genocides still happen;  ethnic cleansing still happens today.  Statistics are shocking but they can also desensitize us to the personal stories of tragedy, horror and, despite all odds, hope.  

The survivors of the Holocaust and also of Darfur, Sudan and in all other examples of mass genocide didn’t just survive:  they went on to marry, to learn to trust, to laugh.  Many reclaimed their faith and spent their lives building legacies that defied everything their tattoo symbolized.  A baby was born in Auschwitz on the eve of liberation and, despite overwhelming odds, she and her mother both survived.  

There is hope even in the midst of the darkest night.  

You can purchase Ash here and you can find other excerpts from the book on this site under the book’s title. 

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