So I received a gift from Red Envelope;  a book of 500 personal questions that I had wanted for quite some time.

I have lived in fear of being forgotten my entire life;  after having children, it became even more important to me to document my ideas, thoughts, fears, triumphs, joys,  frustrations so that, if I were to die before my children were old enough to really remember me, they would have a way to “get to know” me;  a way to know who their mother was, and why.  I am handwriting my responses to the questions in the book itself but it was important that I create a way to highlight it on this blog.  You see, I started this blog to act as a diary—but one with an important purpose:  to let others know who I was.  It was important that I make this site public, not to attract attention or sales even, but to force me to open up.  I wanted someone  to really know me—-even if I never knew their names.  It is not easy to be transparent.  I found myself wanting to omit certain questions from the blog—-but the only ones I haven’t answered were ones whose answers I truly didn’t know or couldn’t emotionally handle at the moment.  These questions may be added later.

As a result,  I created additional pages to the website,  pages that will contain answers to the questions in the book.  Some of the questions are very basic,  some are very personal.  I have tried to keep my answers as circumspect as possible, but, when read together, these pages will hopefully provide a greater insight into who Tiffini is.  The book is about 350 pages and contains about 500 questions;  obviously, this will be an on-going project.  That said, I have gotten off to a rocking start:  the first three installments are already on the site.

You can read the first,  Family Background:  Roots or Childhood:  Early Memories 1 or 2.   My goal will be to complete one chapter a week so feel free to check back occasionally to see if there are further chapters added!   If you are interested in purchasing this memoir collection for yourself, you can visit its product page at Red Envelope.  It is well worth the investment!


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