Over the course of a week’s time, my oldest daughter Breathe has written her first “chapter book.”   She is eight years old and she is very, very proud of this story and, after reading it, so am I!!  I love how the strong characters in the story are the girls–that rocks! I also love how imaginative she is.  She applies a lot of her real life to her stories, much like another author  I know.   ;).

Anyway, to show her how proud I am of her accomplishment,  I am posting her story here.   There may be future  “guest posts” from Ms Breathe as well.  Enjoy her story and feel free to leave a comment so she’ll know what a talented young writer she is!



There once was a girl who lived in a castle far far far away and she had sickness. Every day high schoolers made fun of her. This boy loved her and he wanted to meet her SOOO bad. But he had to pass a storm in order to meet the girl and the girl loved the boy to but even if he passed the storm he wouldn’t be able to meet the girl cause this old old old old old woman locked her in the attic. The attic was haunted and the woman wouldn’t let her out but the boy wouldn’t give up and he knew that he had to defiet the lady. He thought he could do it so he passed the storm and found the castle!


Adam jerked his sword into the castle walls and broke in the castle! He saw the woman. He was scared but he wouldn’t give up. Then he found the attic but the girl wasn’t inside because a mean ghost took her. The ghost put her in jail and locked it. The ghost wanted to Kill her! The boy tried to find her but he couldn’t and the more he looked the more he cried. The woman found the boy and locked him in the attic because he was trying to help the girl.


After a long time, the boy got out of the attic but the girl was still in jail. The food didn’t look good to her. She had no money. She had to work for the woman. The woman said “You have to work for the rest of your life!” The girl started to cry but the woman didn’t so much care cause the woman didn’t love her.

“I do,” said a voice. It was the boy!


The woman said, “SILENT!” She wouldn’t let the girl talk at all. The boy hid so he could see the girl all the time.  That night the boy and the girl had a plan to run away but they couldn’t cause outside there where guards. They started to go back in the castle


The woman said “you can never leave this castle.” The boy started to cry cause he wanted the girl to be free. The next morning they went into the attic and discovered that a Magical treasure box was in there! They opened it up. It was a thousand peaces of gold so they collected it all up. They hurried so the woman wouldn’t see them. That night the girl’s stomach hurt so the boy Adam ran in the room. Sophia, the girl, was about to deliver a beautiful baby! The baby arrived slowly. It was a beautiful baby girl! She was a big thing of hope. Then the old woman Jenny said, “OH MY GOSH!! SHE’S… SHE’S… WELL… a beautiful baby! Congratulations.”
“Thank you,” said Sophia.
“Your.. your welcome,” said Jenny. She was nice now. “Can… can I get something for her?”
“Yes,” said Sophia “A bottle would be good.”
“Ok,” said Jenny. ” I’ll be sure to get you that.”
“Jenny, wait,” said Sophia. “Will you.. you be her Grandma? She don’t have one.”
“Why, sure,” said Jenny.
“Thanks,” said Adam.
“Yeah,” said Jenny. “May I hold her?”
“Of course,” said Sophia.
Jenny held her for a minute. “You look just like your Mama,” she said.
“She sure does,” said Adam.
“What’s her name?” asked Jenny
“Anna,” said Sophia.
“I love it,” said Adam.


They all celebrated because of Anna. She had made them like each other. She grew up to be six years old. But she was sick a lot. Then Anna had a heart attack. She went to the hospital. Adam and Sophia started to cry. Even Jenny started to cry. They where very sad. Anna couldn’t breathe. They also found out that Anna had asthma. Also, her mother was pregnant with another little girl. It all looked bad. But Sophia was more worried about Anna right now. Anna’s mother said she loved her more then anybody. Anna’s sister Sara was born, also with asthma. Sara couldn’t breathe either and she was paralisde in the hospital. The nurse told the mother Sara and Anna were about to die. Sophia cried out loud.
Adam got scared. Jenny talked to the nurse who said she was doing everything she could. Jenny understood. Sophia heard what the nurse said to Jenny. Adam also heard. Anna did too, so she asked her mother, “Am I gonna die?”
Sophia sadly said “I don’t know.”
Anna said, ” Can I please have a puppy from the gift store? And Sara wants a Forgiveness necklace.” Her mama said alright and went to the gift shop and bought it. By the time she got back, Sara had already died. Sophia cried softly but she still put the necklace on her. Anna quietly said, “I’m still alive.”
Her mother hugged her and gave her the puppy. Anna smiled then she quietly said, “Give me my sister’s body. Jesus will help me make her better.” Her mother said, “But she’s dead.”
“I don’t care,” said Anna.
Her mother gave Sara To Anna. Anna prayed, then Sara Was Alive!!!
” SARA!!!!!!!!! Anna, do you relize what you did,” said Sophia.
“Jesus did it cause I love her,” said Anna.
Adam said, “Well, I love you.”
“I love you too, Daddy,” said Anna.


“Let’s go home,” said Anna.
Then, two years later Anna became eight and Sara became two. Then Jenny said that they could leave the tower finally so they opened the door of the castle. But then there was a storm and Anna started to have a really really bad asthma attack. She told her mother she couldn’t breathe. Her mother looked down to Anna’s chest. “ANNA,” she said. Anna’s chest was bloody. Adam started to cry.


Adam got scared, then Sara started to sneeze. Her mother thought she was coughing but Adam said, “no, she sneezed.”
“Bless you, Sara,” said her mother.


Anna fell to the ground.
“ADAM! Oh Jesus my daughter,” said Sophia. But Anna slowly sat back up, but her breathing was bad. Her heart was so bad that it stopped for a second. Anna had pain everywhere. Her parents rushed her to the hospital.


The nurse told Anna’s mother she would be fine if Anna stayed for a few weeks. Anna was able to hold her newborn baby brother named Islander. She loved him with all her heart. Then they went home and went out into the field. Sophia looked back and Sara was not with her. Her mother started to cry. So did Anna and Adam. They could not find her anywhere. They thought the castle might have been better because they didn’t get lost in the castle. They gave up looking and finally started to go home, except for Anna. Anna found Sara all by herself. She called her mother. The girls ran to their parents. Jenny was so happy too. She started to cry with faith then they all went to the movies. Adam went to get some popcorn and coke but Adam got lost on his way back and there were guards in the hallway. They were holding swords with fire and one them accidentally put Adam’s wrist on fire. Anna was wondering where he was so she asked her mother. Sophia softly said, ” I don’t know,” then they all got worried. So they went out to look then Anna said, “Mama, what is it?”
Sophia saw Adam. The guards swords had burned him up. Her mother said, “Daddy’s dead Anna.”
“No!!! HE CAN’T BE.”    They all cried.


Then they had a funeral for Adam. At the funeral Anna saw a baby that was about to die then Anna rushed to the baby’s mother and said, “I can heal her.” The baby’s mother said, “can you really?”
“Yes,” said Anna. The baby Miracle was happy that she was healed.  Anna was too.
” OH OH THANK YOU” said Miracle’s mother. “Your amazing,” She whispered.


“How did my own daughter do that?” a voice whispered to Sophia…. ADAM!!
“ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is it really YOU?” said Sophia.
“YES,” said Adam. God made him alive again so he could help Anna. “Let’s go home,” said Anna.
“I think we have one more place to go,” said Adam.
“Where?” said Sophia.
“Come on I’ll show you.”
“Are we there yet?” asked Anna.
“Nope,” said Adam. After a little bit he said, “Now, we are.”
“Great,” Sophia said and looked around. “Wow,” she said.


It was the Church, but Sophia and the kids didn’t understand why they were parked at the church. Sophia asked why they were there. Then Adam looked at Sophia and said, “For me and you to get married.”
“What?” Sophia said
“To get married,” Adam said. “Let’s go.”
Sophia smiled. “Ok.” Sophia said then right when they were gonna kiss Sara started to throw up. Everybody stopped the wedding and they rushed home. When they stepped in the door the first thing they heard was “HELP HELP ME! DELIVER THIS BABY PLEASE PLEASE,” then Sophia, Adam and the kids RUSHED in the room. It was Jenny having a baby! Her dream had come true!
“Ok, ok your doing GREAT,” said Sophia
“IT’S OUT!” yelled Sophia. “You have beautiful baby girl!”
“Aw she’s so pretty,” said Jenny. “I love her,” she said.
“What’s her name?” asked Anna.
“Kissaly,” Jenny said
Then Adam remembered to kiss Sophia!


They went to the gift shop and bought a bird. On the way back Anna was in the front seat holding the bird but she sneezed for almost two hours. Her mother finally said, “ANNA WHAT ON EARTH IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?”
” I DON’T KNOW,” said Anna. They found out she was allergic to the bird.


Anna started to cry but she knew it was the best thing to do to give it away. But Anna didn’t so much care.


Anna pleaded to keep the bird. But her mom very very quietly said, “No sweetie.”
Anna started to cry so Adam was sad.


When they got home they celebrated cause it was Sara’s birthday. Then they went back home. When they were home, they saw Jenny talking to the air. Sophia asked, “who are you talking to?”
“My husband, can’t you see him?” Jenny asked.
“No,” said Sophia.
“Well he’s invisible,” said Jenny.
“Oh,” said Sophia


Then they went into the other room and there were thousands of new born babies!


Adam screamed. So did Sophia and the kids.

“What are we gonna do?” Adam asked.

“We have to keep them.” Sophia said.

“What do you want their names to be?” screamed Adam. He had to scream because all the babies were very loud.
” I don’t know,” shouted Sophia.


Sophia Adam and the kids went to Disney World then they went in the the shop that said American Girl. There were thousands of American Girl dolls so Anna said, “I want this one Mama,” then another little voice said, “I want this one.”
“Mama,” one other last little tiny voice said. ” I want this. Mama!!”


They bought what they wanted, then they came back out to the car and they drove and drove and drove. Anna said, “Are we there yet?”
“Yep,” said Adam.
So they got out of the car and went in to the candy store and bought some candy then they got back in the car drove for almost one hour. They finally got there it was the hotel so they stayed in there for one night. When they woke up they ate breakfast with the princesses, got back in the car and rode home.


Anna said, “CAN WE GO BACK?”
“No,” her mother quietly said.
“Next year,” said Adam.
“Ok,” said Anna. She took a nap.


When they got home, the worker from Disney World called and said “would you like to live there?”
” YESSS !!!!!” Said Sophia. They drove there fast and lived in one of the castles.


“Do we half to pay for the rides still?” Sara asked.
“No,” said Adam. “Let’s go to the water park.”
“Can we can we can we?????” Anna asked. She was very happy. Sophia said, “WHY SURE.”


So they went to the water park and stayed there for one hour. Then they went back to their new house. Sophia was glad it was not an attic. And they lived happily ever after.



Breathe is an eight year old young girl who loves every kind of animal, especially horses and dogs. She loves to sing and dance. Her favorite singers are Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber. She is a great teacher and when she grows up she wants to have a baby girl of her very own!