Breathe being baptized at Christ Church Nashville, Feb. 11, 2011 by Pastor Daniel Bell

Breathe being baptized at Christ Church Nashville, Feb. 11, 2011 by Pastor Daniel Bell

All written in the 10th grade


Today I was told

By one in an angel’s fold

That within me  You are

Though by no man have I been marred

It was said

With great sacrifice, You’ll bring aid

To an Earth

Who needs Your birth

Now  I can’t see

How one yet unborn can the Savior be

And of all women

Why I was chosen to be  Mother of man

Are Your tiny feet yet made

Are Your lips ready to this world bade

I can feel Your heart beat

Strong enough to best any feat

Sweet unborn child of mine

Who’ll one day turn water into wine

How I love thee

One day You’ll save me

Standing here years later

And knowing to my needs You are to cater

Tears fill my eyes

Knowing Your gift that to You this world ties

You’ve given such hope

And taught us how to cope

I remember Your smiles and hugs

So warm upon my heart they’d always tug

How is death fair

For You, who doth care

I feel my soul breaking

As I see You, from a cross, hanging

My heart, it does remember

Holding You that night in December

I hear again the angel’s voice

Telling me I was the special choice

To me, You’re still a babe

So why for You was a cross made?

Though I know You’ll soon have rose

It is hard to watch Your eyes close

I know Your Father’s sad; He darkened the  clouds

But, just as He is, I am proud

How I love the babe in You I once knew

And the man in You that up to heaven flew

Thirty three years ago

To save Your young life, we had to go

And I  could not then see

How one so little could the Son be.

Only now when I see You smiling

After dying and in a tomb lying

Do I understand

Forgiveness comes from the Innocent’s hand

Sometimes I cry

I can’t see Your eyes

But now in Heaven You are

And from my heart, never far.


A light

That shines bright

Deep within

The darkest night

A  gentle hand

To catch my land

The greatest gift

Is when our lives rift

His love

Holds us in a glove


His anger’s limber

And ends

When our pride bends

Away with the mask

To in His love bask

Fear not

For He knows your lot

Life may not be grand

But know He planned

One safe and happy

For you and for me.


We do something wrong

And hear guilt’s song

We hurt someone we love

Feel unworthy of Heaven above

Can we nothing right

It seems we always have to fight

We try not to sin

But we can just never win

With fierce guilt we sleep

We feel we’re in too deep

We envy the others

The ones sin doesn’t seem to smother

How much gold would it take

To away our sins rake

How many good deeds

To replace the guilty seeds?

There is a way

To feel better each day

A way to our pain erase

And to put a smile on our face

There is One who does care

One who can make us feel rare

There is One who can heal

The broken way we feel

He doesn’t ask for gold

He has that in His hold

He doesn’t hold a grudge

And He won’t your life smudge

He understands your whole life

And knows guilt cuts like a knife

He wants to only love give

And to let you in happiness live

All you have to do is ask

And in His name bask

Each morning beholds His grace

Life is not a race

If in Him we can trust

Sin will not our hearts rust

For He readily does forgive

And gives peace to those who in Him live


A little boy comes in from school

And runs to his bedroom

Unable to forget the teacher’s rule

The one that fills him with gloom

“What’s wrong?” asks his mother

“Can I do anything for you?”

The boy cries, “I want to be another

But I’ll find a way through.”

That’s when Mother saw the note

The one his teacher sent home.

“Daddy’s Day Tomorrow” she wrote

But, for all she knew, boy’s dad could be in Rome!

For the boy she loved, Mom grew sad

Tomorrow he was going to feel left out

For he didn’t have what the other boys had

He’d have to stay home or go without

Mom told him he didn’t have to go

She didn’t want him hurt

When he didn’t have a daddy to show

And she knew others’ words could be curt

But the boy said no

He had a plan

And to school, he wanted to go.

He said,  “Face them tomorrow, I can.”

Finally the time came.

The class was full of daddy’s and boys

But The Boy walked in with no one

For a little guy, he had a lot of poise

Children pointed and adults showed pity

And everybody stared

When the boy walked into the committee

He looked prepared

Children introduced dads one by one

Fireman, policeman, loving men.

Everyone clapped when they were done

And Mom asked if he wanted to leave again

Finally everyone else was done

And the teacher said his name

He was the last one

And slowly to the front, the boy came

He saw the many families and every dad

He was the odd ball, the outcast

But he was glad

For his father’s story was unsurpassed

He began,  “I don’t have a dad like you all

My father left my mom and me.

And he doesn’t ever call.

But my REAL dad’s the best, you’ll agree.

No one could look him in the eye

He was too alone

But the boy did not cry

The pride he felt was his own

Kids and adults were ill at ease

But the boy didn’t mind

This moment of truth, he had to seize

He was one of a kind.

“My real dad,” again he spoke

“Helps me when I’m scared.

He gave me my tree, the old oak

And about me, He’s always cared

The Sun shines when I’m glad

And when I’m sad, it rains

Thunderstorms come if I make Him mad

But the rainbow’s a promise to ease my pain

You see, my dad lives in a place called Heaven; it’s in the sky

But from my side, He’s never far

And I’ll see Him when it’s time to die

Until then, I can see Him in a friend or in a star!”

The class and dads didn’t make a sound

They didn’t understand the boy

But his mother no longer frowned

For she knew the boy’s joy

So at last the boy smiled

And he saw his mom give a nod

And looking at each child

At last, he said,  “My dad’s name is God.”