From the acclaimed best-selling author of The Character and Dance For Me comes an unforgettable story of friendship, resilience and the staggering cost of stolen innocence. 

This is the story of Haven, a ten-year-old little girl and her eight -year- old sister, Poppy.   They are inseparable, building forts, playing on the train tracks, hanging wishes from a beloved willow tree and rescuing birds. 

They are different, too. Haven is Daddy’s girl, a chilling term that hides the pain she is in.  Currently surviving sexual abuse, she reads a library book about how dandelion oil can help all sorts of things (from dry skin to cancer). She gathers them and creates homemade oil, hoping to stop the ants crawling inside her, hoping to make whole the broken parts.

Poppy is innocent, free from abuse, imaginative and even quietly defiant, decorating her space with My Little Pony creations and healing birds.  When Haven realizes Poppy is in danger of also becoming “Daddy’s girl” she knows she has to take action and do something bold and daring.

But her act of bravery is flawed: it will only save one of them.

“… a striking example of art as redemption..”  

– G – a Storytimer review 




Page Count: 322 Trim Size: 6 x 9